Romsey Beggars Fair – Saturday 9th July 2011  

The Beggars Fair is a well established, exciting event, best described on their website: and we were equally excited to have the opportunity to be a part of it.

The weather forecast was good but very wrong as we arrived at our first venue at the Beggars Fair in Romsey. As everyone approached, the rain poured down so with everyone feeling a little despondent we found shelter under trees until it was our turn to dance.

Sadly the dancers preceding us got wet! However, when our turn came the Morris sun god must have noticed because we were just fine and continued to be for the rest of the day.

We had four slots at different venues around the town and this first one was by a craft fair and local restaurant. Consequently there were plenty of onlookers and it was a good start to our day.

It was quite a strict schedule so once finished we had to get to our next venue fairly promptly (with time for friends and family to buy beer en-route of course). We were next in the main thoroughfare so the audience was quite substantial. We were sharing this spot with our friends the Boghoppers & Bushbeaters Morris who we have danced with many times before so it was enjoyed by everyone.

Off then to Latimer Walk which was less busy and unfortunately very noisy from the music in the nearby pub garden. Not to be deterred we took ourselves further back and got on with the matter in hand. It wasn’t long before an audience had gathered and another set of dances was enthusiastically performed, despite one needing to be re-danced as everything seemed to go wrong! No matter though cause it was perfect second time around.

Once finished we had to head back to our original spot for our last dance of the event. This was performed with our usual smiles and gusto and we all agreed it had been a most successful day which was finished off by a bbq at Paul & Helens as they lived locally.


Comment of the day: ‘You’re the Merriest Morris Dancers of the day’ that’s the Meddlars for you!