Saturday 8th December was a beautiful sunny day.  Most arrived in good time (mentioning no names Dave and Sue) to enjoy looking at the Christmas trees and chatting to the organisers.   The Sway school morris dancers, who we have been teaching for the last 2 or 3 months, were there to join us and we started our half hour spot with a joint East Acton .  After five minutes or so, they then did their other dance – Not for Joe – which they danced excellently, with the added bonus of a large audience, mainly their families!  We completed our first spot with Duck and Dive and then enjoyed a free coffee complements of the organisers. 


The second spot began with Much Wenlock, a popular and super dance, and it went mostly OK.  By the summer we should be able to do it fault free!!  We finished with a perfect Upton – dance wise and musically.   Just before we started the last one, we were paid a visit by Mr Bakers Dozen Morris side from the IOW, who invited us to join them afterwards at the Ship.   They also suggested we get together sometime in the summer.  These were the mysterious green dancers that some people had been mentioning to us earlier and not who we thought they were referring to!!  They do some similar dances to us and they sing a lot – sounds like a plan Bob/Alan!

Each dance drew a new passing audience and thanks to the collectors – Bob, Sylvia and Chris, we managed to collect a hefty £28 odd, plus Dave Broom donated his Movember collection which nearly doubled it!  Thanks to Dave B!  Good start for the Gateway! 


Our annual trek to Brockenhurst Fun Evening  on 7th Dec had a forecast of frosty cold weather with biting north wind which wasn’t wrong, but at least it was dry this year!   Within the buildings it was sheltered from the wind so not too bad, but then we were told we had a half hour wait while the one man band played!  Bob thought it was too long to hang around so we moved down the end where the funfair was and danced instead for the half hour. 

We then returned to our designated spot to do our booked 10 minutes, but the organisers had rearranged the times and put the one man band back on, so we ended up at the other end of Brock where luckily there was no other entertainment, that is until we started our second spot and the Punch and Judy man started up on the opposite side of the road.   Note to the other musicians – if I stop playing in Duck and Dive early, it is not the silent chorus – I have just got tangled up with scarf and melodeon , so no need to all cease playing!  All good fun though and we did have an audience for each dance.  Some of us carried on to the Royal Crown in Brockenhurst afterwards and warmed up nicely on soup, stew , beer and wine!