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November 2022 - Photoshoot

Photos credit: Steve Poole.

We had a fun photoshoot as part of photographer Steve Poole's project  'People of the New Forest'.  When his book is published it will be a fascinating view of the rich variety of crafts and activities that find a home here. For a sneak preview check out his website:  Steve Poole 

July 2022 - Victory Morris Day of Dance - Portsmouth

Photos credit - Max Brown

June 2022 - Queen's Platinum Jubilee Fete at Copythorne

Photos credit: Kristen Boswell

2022 Wimborne Minster Festival 

Photos credit: Dorset Mail

2022 Winchester Mayfest 

2022 Winchester  Mayfest 1.jpg

Photos credit: Bob Dobson

May 2022 - Lymington Quay

Photos credit: Richard Coomber

May Day - Dancing in the Dawn

Pre-dawn arrival
2022 Mayday Saluting the Dawn 1.jpg

Photos credit: Chris Robinson

February - Sarum Morris Workshop

Photos Credit: Alan Frampton

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